Survivorship Application

Rubinoff Law is a trusted provider of comprehensive real estate law services throughout Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and across Ontario. Our firm specializes in survivorship applications, offering expert legal assistance to clients navigating the complexities of transferring property ownership after the death of a co-owner. We understand the sensitive nature of survivorship applications and are committed to guiding our clients through this process with empathy, clarity, and a focus on protecting their interests.

Understanding Survivorship Applications

A survivorship application is a legal process used to transfer ownership of property from one co-owner to another upon the death of the other co-owner(s). This process is typically utilized for jointly owned properties where the right of survivorship applies, allowing the surviving owner(s) to inherit the deceased owner’s share of the property automatically, outside of probate
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Key Aspects of Survivorship Applications

Legal Documentation

 We assist clients in preparing and filing all necessary legal documentation required for the survivorship application. This includes drafting affidavits, certificates of survivorship, and other relevant documents to initiate and complete the transfer of ownership.

Title Examination

We conduct a thorough examination of the property’s title to verify the ownership rights and identify any existing encumbrances or liens that may affect the transfer. Our goal is to ensure clear and unencumbered title for the surviving owner(s).

Probate Considerations

In cases where probate may be required for the deceased owner’s estate, we provide guidance on navigating the probate process and coordinate with estate administrators or executors to facilitate the survivorship application efficiently.

Tax Implications

We advise clients on potential tax implications associated with the transfer of property ownership through survivorship applications, ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations.

Compassionate and Personalized Service

At Rubinoff Law, we understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one and navigating legal procedures can be challenging. We approach survivorship applications with compassion and sensitivity, offering personalized legal guidance tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. Our team takes the time to explain the process thoroughly, answer questions, and provide reassurance throughout the process.

Client-Centric Approach

Our firm’s commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our client-centered approach to survivorship applications. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and timely updates, ensuring that our clients are informed and involved at every stage of the process. We strive to alleviate the stress associated with legal procedures, allowing our clients to focus on their emotional well-being and personal affairs during this difficult time.

Why Choose Rubinoff Law?

Choosing Rubinoff Law means partnering with a firm that is committed to your success and dedicated to protecting your interests in every real estate transaction. Our firm’s reputation for excellence is built on our deep legal expertise, proactive approach, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We take pride in delivering exceptional legal services that achieve results and exceed expectations.
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