Commercial Leasing

At Rubinoff Law, we understand that commercial leasing is a critical component of real estate transactions for businesses, landlords, and tenants. Whether you are a business owner seeking the perfect location, a landlord looking to lease your property, or an investor navigating the complexities of commercial leases in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or anywhere in Ontario, our firm offers expert legal services tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced team of legal professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and ensuring that your commercial leasing transactions are successful and legally sound.

Expertise and Experience

Rubinoff Law has a wealth of experience in handling a diverse range of commercial leasing transactions. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of Ontario’s real estate law and the unique challenges that commercial leases present. We have successfully represented landlords, tenants, and investors in leasing agreements for various types of commercial properties, including retail spaces, office buildings, industrial facilities, and more. Our in-depth knowledge and practical approach enable us to deliver effective solutions that protect our clients’ interests.

Comprehensive Lease Negotiation and Drafting

At Rubinoff Law, we provide meticulous lease negotiation and drafting services to ensure that all terms and conditions of the commercial lease are clearly defined and favorable to our clients. Our process includes:

Lease Negotiation

 We represent clients in negotiations to secure the best possible terms. Our goal is to balance the interests of both parties while ensuring that our clients’ objectives are met. We address critical elements such as rent, lease term, renewal options, maintenance responsibilities, and more.

Lease Drafting

We prepare comprehensive lease agreements that are clear, enforceable, and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our detailed approach ensures that all relevant clauses are included, and potential ambiguities are minimized, reducing the risk of future disputes.

Amendments and Addendums

We assist clients in drafting and negotiating amendments or addendums to existing leases, ensuring that any changes are accurately reflected and legally binding.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

Conducting thorough due diligence is essential in any commercial leasing transaction. At Rubinoff Law, we perform comprehensive due diligence to identify and address potential risks, including:

Property Evaluation

We review the physical condition and legal status of the property, including zoning regulations, environmental assessments, and any existing encumbrances or liens.

Tenant and Landlord Vetting

We conduct background checks and financial assessments of prospective tenants and landlords to ensure their credibility and financial stability.

Lease Compliance

We ensure that the lease complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including municipal bylaws, fire codes, accessibility standards, and more.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Disputes can arise in commercial leasing, and Rubinoff Law is here to provide robust legal representation to protect your interests. Our services include:

Negotiation and Mediation

 We strive to resolve disputes through negotiation and mediation, seeking amicable solutions that avoid costly litigation.


 When necessary, we represent clients in court to resolve lease disputes, including issues related to rent arrears, lease breaches, property damage, and eviction proceedings.

Ongoing Legal Support

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the initial lease agreement. We provide ongoing legal support throughout the lease term, offering guidance on lease renewals, subleasing, lease terminations, and more. Our team is always available to address any legal issues or questions that may arise during the tenancy.

Why Choose Rubinoff Law?

Choosing Rubinoff Law means partnering with a firm that prioritizes your success and satisfaction. Our reputation for excellence in real estate law is built on our deep legal knowledge, extensive experience, and proactive approach to problem-solving. We are proud to serve clients in Toronto, the GTA, and across Ontario, delivering high-quality legal services that make a difference.
At Rubinoff Law, we are more than just legal advisors; we are your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of commercial leasing. Let us help you achieve your goals with confidence and peace of mind.